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Riverscapes Viewer for QGIS

Plugin Installation

To install the Riverscapes Viewer for QGIS 3.16 or later:

  1. From the main QGIS menu choose Plugins → Manage and Install Plugins.
  2. Search Plugins for Riverscapes (make sure that .under Settings → the Show also experimental plugins is checked on:
  3. Pick the Riverscapes Viewer plugin and click install.
Experimental Plugin

At any time after it is installed, you can return to the QGIS plugins manager and update the plugin by clicking the Update button next to the Riverscapes Viewer plugin.

Installation time: < 30 seconds.

Installing Q Riverscapes Viewer Plugin in QGIS

Minimum Requirements

QRAVE requires QGIS 3.16 or newer.

Updating Resources

You will want to update resources just about every time you use the Viewer (including on a new install) to make sure you have the latest symbology and business logic. To do this, you simply go to the Viewer toolbar and choose Help → Update Resources. This then downloads the latest files from the RiverscapesXML repo and places them in a local resource folder. You can browse to that resource folder from the toolbar by choosing Help → Find Resources Folder.

Update Resources

QGIS - Need to get GIS?

If you do not have QGIS already, or even if you have never used GIS, we show you below how quickly you can get up and running with the free desktop QGIS software (on Windows, Mac or Linux) and get the Riverscapes Viewer installed and start looking at a Riverscapes Project from the Riverscapes Warehouse.

Installation time: < 5 minutes

Release Notes

See the release notes provided in the code repository.

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